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I have spent some time trying to catch up and I now have a better feel for all the changes. Big thanks to Icey and the Imms (band name?) for all they have done. I am happy to know there are people like me all over the world still addicted to this game. That being said before I go into my thoughts on any of these matter (which I will do later on, because you guys wore me out with the post) I want to address one thing, The Universal Terminology of the Shadowmud Realities. It is getting freaking confusing and unless you where there you dont know what they are talking about. So I propose this: Shadowmud 95 to 98 be called Shadowmud Prime Shadowmud Devel from 2000 to 2005? 2006? be Shadowmud I Current version of Shadowmud remains Shadowmud II, btw this mud should be Shadowmud III, but hey I'm just glad it's here So in summary we have Shadowmud Prime, a.k.a. Shadomud P, or Prime Shadowmud I and Shadowmud II or SMII or smii not to be confused with wii. Yetron.

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10:46, Vaigday, Kepki 20, 180 AD.

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