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Re: 5 things for Monks

by Icewolfz

Message 24 on The Board of Master Monks

1) monk belts are just for keeping track of what you know and for rp perposes, when first added it was just all max skill / # of colors and that was used to deteremine when a belt color changed as there are odd # of colors so not an even spread of belts 2) no class have 5.0 weapon skill not even fighters, fighters only get a 5.0 once they reach high enough level and can specilzed 3) debatable i think i stuck it as main as could not get any good data and didnt fit 100% into throws pin was precrash sweep is why it remains a sweep as your knocking them down then holding them so not a throw which is why it is in sweeps there is already a monk takedown ability which already does what you say i beleave 4) not sure how feasible that is code wise, probably have ot be per ability based 5) probably wont be any new subclasses as i am alreayd busy enough trying to finish currnet classes and doing other stuff, the only way to get more subclasses would be toe get more coders monks are no slaves to wepaons in fact most if not all monk abilies do not requirements, weapons are optional and are ment to enhance your monk not replace or require ironman could be made to only work based on armor limits, no one has brought that up so that can be considered, would take probably boosting it a little to offset the requirement of using less armor but can be looked into ironfist doesnt effect weapons at all, it boost general melee systems, granted doenst mena it needs tweaks or changes as i dont know all places the melee bonus is used as for weapons that can be changed as weapon req are per ability and there is no way to turn it off for a player weapon wear systems are seperate and built into combat systems there is no way to change the amt of waer that can be done to a weapon with out totally customing each ability true on the mind/body/spirt, most of the weapon additions where based on shoalin monks and marshal arts to offer a wider range of options and are optional and not required ot play monks a lot of your ideas are on my todo list for commands it just there is only so much i can do at once, so unless more people start coding and creating it is based onwhen i have the time to code them and i am the first to say i have probably not dont monks justice to much but again time factors a lot i onyl have so much and have to do manythings i mostly aim to make them work and try not ot be super powered and to be fun to play with the time i have available to code so most i can ask is wrok with me and i can attempt ot try and fix issues as time allows some thigns are impossible due ot design limitations others are just i dont hve the time to do code them i already have like 20 million things on my todo list -icey

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