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monk resistances.?!

by Asp

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tripbreak:(or sweepbreak) monk attempts to trip or sweep opponents,causing them to stumble and beark there concentration. while setting them up for a combo. trip then monk attempts to use the momentum to sucker punch opponent under the jaw line to rupture salavary glands and cause the opponent to gag on there own saliva and end spells or prayers being cast or debuff mage or cleric to have higher fails. sweep bomb: as the opponent falls the monk tries to enhance the damage by forcefully adding they're weight. and spiritual weight. whatever. punches: Yes going back to Rama1/2 and many other touch attacks. thru out martial arts history. one touch: deep tissue damage, nerve numbing pain. high fail rate till mastery ranking in it's use though when it works opponents attack value decreases. as is unable to do rank f to j specials due to the nerve block plus needs a simple mend for limb. to reverse effects of one touch. kicks: jointtap 3 to 5 well placed kicks to legs weakens opponent ability to attack or flee. Er to move for 5 sec to 40 sec. depending on skill level. mind/spirit: monk expanse area and weakens opponents ability to concentrate increasing failures to physical/mental/spiritual attacks total lock on opponents last up to 15 to 45 sec. (mentallock) hi there. As a monk I've relied upon dex & consitution to see me thru. are class is wis based, & yet I haven't see it help reduce spiritaul damage or out negate the effect from spiritual monsters or attacks upon our own souls, or physical being. Why waste time ans effort in wisdom any way? Saddly i can only get small glimps of the monk classes growth. Namely I'm not here enough to get stuff moving.. and then the attacks get in that boggle me. then theres playing be phone.. it sucks great big monkey body parts. now I... we monks need help. we've always been the very few, even in the past. heck i can remember a total of 5 monks on at one time. pretty freaky. so if you have read my insanity for ideas. You couldn't do any worse than I. infact your idea might get looked at way before any of mine do. so if ya got spme thing get it out of your head post it here or mail the imm that covers us as a class. Asp

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05:49, Shadowday, Kantki 11, 171 AD.

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