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throat rip:

by Asp

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Yes yes yes. the o' throat crush/rip increase failure for casters, & clerics. also change purge. to reducing or full removal of effects like holds, mezz, paralyaztionds, roots. and increase resistance to poisons till 100 level where they don't effect monk. monks gain the uneffected by aging. if mind skills is high enough say j rank mental attacks have a harder time landing plus a shorter duration of effects. then there is at 95th level monks unarmed attacks ignore 30% armor/ barrier/ protection. plus start doing 15% more damage. 2% more limb damage. increase combat speed. there should be a class quest to reach 100% along with proving to each Master, that your ready to become a master. subclass brands at level 98 you'll receive the brands of mastery. example A snake for sweeps and so on. oh yeah. tithing. after 95 level monks need to deposit coins for the churches upkeep. and more Equipment for the hall. exercise machines. to grant a slight bonus to att's, dex, quickness, mental endrance, to help train a few pesty skills instead of spending xp, you spend time learning like learning Language's. okay thats my monk brain dump for June. okay thats my monk brain dump for June. okay thats my monk brain dump for June. doh. & as always G E T S O M E!! Asp Torched, the Kilted gnome Monk

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01:39, Shadowday, Kantki 11, 171 AD.

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