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command ideas 2

by Dinin

Message 3 on Rogues' Board of Fiendish Plots

id like to replace the rank E streetwise command distract, with something i feel is better. Ostracize rank E Using stealth a rogue ambushes his target griping one hand over the mouth of the victum. This prevents the target from enganging in combat, letting the rogue get in 1-3 punishing hits before they can struggle free. If all three hits land, it would do significant damage. Vanish rank? Using a high amount of stealth a rogue is able to seize an oportunity and evade out of a targets sight and into the shadows. This command would stop combat and let the rogue have the upper hand. A new inti could be started by the rogue and combat renewed. Acrobatics command idea..... Subjugate rank ...e-f while fighting multiple targets, a rogue stealthfuly manduvers inbetween two targets using one of them as a shield against the adjacent enemy. This is just a concept im not sure if you could code it

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12:37, Vaigday, Kantki 20, 178 AD.

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