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What MAKES a rogue?

by Lynxo

Message 30 on Rogues' Board of Fiendish Plots

We are the nimble opportunists, living by trickery, skill, and guile. To that end, I feel that dexterity is of paramount importance to ALL rogues. We are fleet of foot, darting in to attack and out before reprisal. For that reason, I feel dexterity is heart of 'roguedom.' However, a thug is not an acrobat, nor a thief, nor a master of devices or assassination. To this end, our secondary stats are not the same for us all. Thugs and acrobats need strength to overwhelm and maneuver. Trapmasters need intelligence to set or avoid other traps and tricks. Thieves need charisma to lull their opponents as do assassins. With the upcoming proposed changes to HP, SP, and MP, this is a good time to start a discussion on what makes us an acrobat, an assassin, a thief, and trickster, or a thug. What do YOU think?

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15:18, Shadowday, Denki 6, 182 AD.

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