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Re: What MAKES a rogue?

by Koret

Message 32 on Rogues' Board of Fiendish Plots

I don't like the idea of boiling subclasses down to only two stats, personally. First, its too big of a generalization. And second, it encourages min/maxing to a large degree. That said, here's my thoughts on subclasses and stats... I'm going to use a 6-point scale to emphasize relative importance. I'm literally going to make this up as I type, so please don't consider this a fully fleshed out recommendation... Acrobatics - Dex(3), Str(2), Wis(1) - To me this is about perfection in movement: dexterity for precision, strength to carry it out, and wisdom for concentration. Devices - Dex(2), Int(2), Wis(2) - Manual dexterity, technical knowledge, and concentration in equal parts. Murder - Dex(2), Int(2), Str(2) - Knowing where to place a blow, the dexterity to line it up, and the strength to drive it home. Streetwise - Dex(2), Str(2), Wis(2) - Here I'm using wisdom more to represent street-smarts. Subterfuge - Dex(3), Cha(2), Wis(1) - Sleight of hand, deception, and the street-smarts needed to pull off a clever dupe. Looking at the above, I realize that I've downplayed charisma and put heavy influence on wisdom, which I know is a big reversal from what we have today. But rogues don't interact a lot with their victims. We don't lull them. We use street-smarts and concentration to attack by surprise and end the fight as quickly as possible. -T

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