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ahhh yes, to be a rogue. Well, I have to agree with Koret here for the most part. I feel he is right about 2 stats being limiting. We choose 3 subclasses, and I dont feel that has been adressed much in the idea of changing stats. That being said, I have to say I like the thought of character building being highly advantagous to the affect of customization. You can employ any number of ones strengths and weaknesses and still become great at what you do. For example: To be an acrobat one might need strength and dexterity, perhaps wisdom, but really there are more factors. A very small person doesnt have to be very strong to lift himself, like a hobbit. Or a successful theif doesnt have to be good at talking to people, one could use slight of hand, and lack of scoial interactions as a means to steal coins from purses. I feel if we keep more options open for players, well develope more interesting and fun character builds.

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10:57, Shadowday, Denki 6, 182 AD.

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