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Re: command ideas 2

by Icewolfz

Message 4 on Rogues' Board of Fiendish Plots

well distract will be back reguardles, granted it may be tweaked as for Ostracize name doesnt really fit thats name means to banish or send out the idea has merit just needs a better name i htink that fits the action, like seize or hijack you hijack [target] and beat the crap out of them ;) crimp may be a good name too vanish i like but it owuld have to be really high like rank l stealth subjugate has merit but i dont know if the name fits as subjcate mans to put down or weaken target not to trick/manipulate i think a name like maneuver would fit better as your moving them into a better palce or some realted synonym -icey ps. the subjugate one i think marshal woudl bebetter marshal target 1 and target 2 as your moving them and tryign to get thenm in the right order

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12:39, Vaigday, Kantki 20, 178 AD.

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