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by Malice

Message 43 on Rogues' Board of Fiendish Plots

Here's a few ideas for Devices.. Caltrops/Barbs: Items spread around on the ground pre-combat (or while fleeing). Caltrops are 'hidden' so they cannot be seen unless a successful search has been completed. Caltrops prevent movement out of a room by causing a fall and light foot damage. Caltrops could cause a mount to rear and unpleasantly dismount a rider... could also disrupt charge-like commands. Break/sabotage: Render a device inoperable and/or unrepairable, such as a booby trap or door lock. More advanced than disarmtrap or pick, as it can keep the trap/device/lock from being manipulated for a good length of time(re-armed or unlocked with a key). Decant/Mix/Combine/Brew/Extract: Allows a well versed Trickster to breakdown poisons/items into concentrated component parts and then remix them for a variety of effects. Skill level would dictate how many parts extracted, how powerful concentrations, and number of components allowed in a brew. Could also be used to make own drinks or combine existing drinks. Effects could be acid, fire, frost, posion, viral, bacterial, etc. These commands pave the way for lower level commands to gather and extract 'components' from mundane room items (flowers, plants, drinks, monster drops, etc). Could also be used for fun, skill building commands to make (more or less) harmless sp/mp restoring drinks. Craft: glass/beaker/ampule/arrow/dart: Given the proper workspace and materials, a rogue can create containers to store and/or delive their trickster concoctions.... such as small glass ampules, glasses/mugs, bottles, trap refills, etc. These could be sorted into different sizes depending on the intended use. Could also be used to create 1 use weapon ammo for weapons like bows and blowguns. Would open the door again to making some items consumable for parts (gems for glass, different woods/scales/ices for weapons). Flashbang/stunbomb: Trickster throws a medium sized pellet at the targets feet, causing a mild concussion and a huge flash of light... blinding anyone not prepared and possibly knocking them from their feet & causing a little awesome tinitus (maybe with small damage). Used much like smokebomb, but gives the rogue the option to continue combat with a temporary edge or flee undetected. Unsuccessful attempts could result in duds or pellet sailing into nother room, or disasterous attempts could catch the rogue in the effect. Pittrap: A cunning and well prepared trickster can excavate a knee-high (or deeper) pit lined with unpleasantness (spikes, caltrops, acid) and conceal it from sight. Mobs entering the room run a good chance of falling into the pit, causing any number of mobility related and damage effects. Not effective against flyers or in rooms with extra-hard floors (paved streets), but effective against multiple targets before it becomes full. Pits take time to construct (quite a few rounds), so this prevents them from being hasty retreat devices. Great for hearding mobs or when you know you'll have to make a fast escape from a chasing horde... may have to carry a pick or shovel to execute. Highwire: Oldie but a goodie a rogue can boobie trap one exit in a room with a razor thin piece of almost invisible wire at average head level. Targets running through the room (ie, enter and then exit within a short period of time) are more likely to catch wire and suffer greater damage. Knockdown is almost a given, as well as preventing exit to that direction at least once. Wire would be a consumable but recoverable item, and could double as a garotte for strangling. Grenade: Possibly a sub-section of Craft, this allows the rogue to make an explosive device. These devices could have lots of options elemental damage effects from various components, mobility modifiers, sense modifiers sight/smell/speach/hearing), or any combination of the above. Greandes could be 'armed' and placed on a person with a seperate command, where they would detonate if the taget moved or entered combat. Conversely, they could be command detonated with a string or fused (on a timer). They could be used in trap as trap kits as well (or maybe modify trap kits to act like this...?)

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12:19, Vaigday, Kantki 20, 178 AD.

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