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Command Ideas, pt 2

by Malice

Message 44 on Rogues' Board of Fiendish Plots's a fw for Murder: Saw/Lacerate: While strangling the hapless victim, the rogue attempts to rapidly draw the strangling wire side-to-side across the targets throat, causing damage & bleeding each round in addition to the strangling effect/damage. This command could only be used with thin strangling cords or wire. Could be a stand-alone command, or a piggy-back/add on to the existing strangle/grapple commands. Stake/Pinningshot: A rogue faints high then quickley reverses dirrection and stabs down through the top of a targets' foot. After a successful strike the rogue releases the weapon and leaves the limb pinned to the floor, preventing movement and possibly different physical-based specials until the weapon is removed. Of course, removing it is going to be almost as pleasant to the target as it was going in in the first place. This could be a feint/duck move, or even a throwing based-attack. Succeed or fail, though, and the rogue unwields and loses that weapon from their inventory. Would require good strength to get ground penetration. Quietstrike/Silencestrike: A fast rogue steps in close & to the side, quickly driving a knife up through the bottom of the jaw and into the palate of the mouth. This greatly hinders the target's the ability to speak/form words, maybe even causing a little round-to-round coughing/gurgling/bleeding into the throat. Probably best as an initiator with damage less than a jugular attack, but giving it the ability to disrupt spellcasting/praying in some way. Failure coud result in damage with no other effects, while disasterous failure would be a total miss. Coat/prepare/treat: An assassin prepares an edged weapon with some sort of nasty concoction to be delivered on the next few strikes. Simple enough command, perhaps greater skill can increase the 'level' of damage bonus or status effect based on the quality of the substance. Good low level command that would bridge from a trickster's abilities to prepare various vial brews. Bifurcate: A dual weapon wielding assassin ducks in close and attempts a simultaneous plunge his knives into the underarm and hip joint, affecting good damage and a disarm/knockdown combo (disarm only if the arm struck happens to be wielding a weapon). More successful attacks cause both effects, while less successful/skilled atacks cause one or no effects. Disasterous failures miss entirely.

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14:51, Vaigday, Denki 15, 182 AD.

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