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Command Ideas, pt 3

by Malice

Message 45 on Rogues' Board of Fiendish Plots

Annnnd now for Subterfuge: Counterfeit: A thief attempts to substitute one form of currency for another (copper for gold, gold for platinum, etc), and mix it in with a % of genuine currency to make a deposit/purchase/gamble. Merchants and players would get a chance to catch the forgery (based on skill of forger, % of mix, and skill of stats/skills of victim), and act accordingy (call guards, temporarily blacklist, attack, fine, etc), otherwise it would get mixed in unnoticed. A specialized bank personal or skilled Thief would be able to examine the currency and tell forgeries from fakes with a high degree of accuracy. Prop/obfuscate: A subterfuge expert can disguise their current weapon or armor to look like a less effective or even different type of weapon/armor altoghether (changing the viewed short description in inventory to something generic like 'A knife', 'A stick', 'A cloak', 'Leather Armor', or something user setable). Using the weapon or taking hits will eventually cause the disguise to wear off. Sign/Cant: Good old silent communication through subtle hand signals and body posture that are vrtually undetecable by those not skilled in subterfuge. Very perceptive non-rogues may notice a little shifting or hand movements, but the languages is a closely guarded trade secret. A certain minimum of skill is required for error-free communication, anything less will give the occassional bumble (like language shouts). This command can be directed at one person discreetly or to the entire room. Ventriloquist/Project: A rogue learns the ability to throw their voice from a distance, allowing them to make people believe a shout, yell, or sound is coming from another room. Would be entertining for RP, and could possibly cause some monsters to temporarily roam 1 room away to investigate. Plant: The thief tries giving for a change, by way of stealthily putting an item into a targets inventory and/or bag. Size of item would dicate difficulty. Opens the door for planting harmful devices such as traps or bombs. Failure woud result in it being noticed, while disasterous failure would result in the item breakin/going off/being dropped.

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13:18, Shadowday, Denki 6, 182 AD.

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