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Re: Command Ideas

by Icewolfz

Message 47 on Rogues' Board of Fiendish Plots

well crafting stuff like glass/beakers is proabb alter better for a genereal crafting system which is in the works just slow to be added right now adding raw materials in place and will expand slowly and add custom commands to raft differnt items that would incldue pretty much every thing listed under craft as for the barbs those have been ideaed but havnt lookedi nto it as it requires yet more speilzed items besides just teh command plus haveto facor in pk and really only useable for wandering mosnters so they require some good design choices before being created the brew stuf again proabaly more of a crafting system as most of that are generic stuff with just the right parts, so that will probably eb aprt of eth main crafting system soem day flashbang you/stunbombd are alreayd possible as we have smokebombs which i created as a base and can easily be expanded ot do others things like the flash/gernades/stuns wiht some work pittraps are a litle harder as you have tofactor in the area and scales which could be hard on multilevel areas as in theroy you dig down you would hit hte next level and msot areas are not designed for that highwire can be done easiy using the sanre system just instead of a trip snare you have a highwire snare which just requires creating a new fill type/trap types incore grenade see te flashbagn above -icey

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