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Re: Command Ideas, pt 2

by Icewolfz

Message 48 on Rogues' Board of Fiendish Plots

saw/lacerate should be doable just not sure how comple the code woudl be pin system should be possible i have a pinshot planed for archers so in theroy this works the same instead of an arrow it would be a weapon quietstrike/silcenet proabaly be an init for sure as it pretty much is the same as jugukar as for disrupt thats harder to do as most dont require speaking as prayering is just fiath dont need works, and wellm agic is magic, i think precarsh they may have required hnd ofr magic/fiath not sure it is astrict here coat can already do that with poisons, and i craeted a more advanced posion system just no posion in game othe then teh basic stuff and that goes back to crafting new stuff from last post bifurcate sounds cool could maybe even ad a chacne ot cause a weapon to be droped or soemthing if you do the underarms as it could hit nerves/musles a failure could even have your target stabing you if thye have a weapon -icey

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19:29, Vaigday, Denki 15, 182 AD.

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