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Re: Command Ideas, pt 3

by Icewolfz

Message 49 on Rogues' Board of Fiendish Plots

counterfiet would be ahrd and probably to abuseable as it would let players gvie fake items and it could cause other players to get bad items or even cause issues, plus code wise proabbaly be a nightmare to create plus i haev a possible comamdn on allowing stealing from a vendor based on steal system allowing players to attempt to rob a vendor wiht higher levle skills prop/obsfuscate proabbaly has simialr abusables like counterfeit plus if you allow to much control players could do make a sword be a bow or someother wierd thing plus with he way the weapon and armor system are created it can be hard to chagne shorts, armor the most as it is dyanmicly built based on damage plus rgues can conceal wielded knives and kept them from view a better solution is proabably soem tyoe of commandto while every thing, it hink there is a shourd idea from fallstaff that hides yoru inventory from viewers basilcy conceal but for everythign you have granetd if i do shroud idea it would proabaly erquire a cloak or robe to be worn sign was not aded as well it was hardly used precrash and better to just make a custom language or something to learn instead of a custom command granted again it was hardly used thats is wht it was never readded hm can alreayd Ventriloquate plus it would be ahrd ot make monsters respond to it wiht out a lot of core work as they aare not that smart and nto sure adding it may be worth it as only a few mosnters would be smart enough to even fall for it plant can also be already done to a point, as you cna give things to monsters that have wiedlign limbs bealv i ahve an sgive idea on m ylist but havnt decided if iwnat ot allow it or not more then likly have sgive -icey

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12:55, Vaigday, Denki 15, 182 AD.

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