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Had an idea that adds a bit of diversity to us shady folks... BARDS. A bard would use song to boost himself and allies OR to enfeeble and demoralize foes. They are still ne'er do wells, but are a bit more 'socially accepted' than us thugs, assassins, and outright thieves. A bard would value charisma almost as much as dexterity in their roguish endeavors. rank A- song of battle/ battlesong- a bard sings an inspiring tune giving a slight physical boost to those he inspires. (self and allies) rank B- distraction- using a tone or music to throw people off their game, making them easier to rob from or sneak attack. rank C- jeer- You get loud and vocal to enemies, demoralizing them. rank D- song of competence ('You can do EEETTT!!) A bard sings a song that inspires those that hear it to use their skills to greatest effect. Non-combat ONLY. rank E- song of courage- a song that inspires resistance to fear, paralyzation, terror (fear effects)... rank F- healing humor- The tales and jokes of a bard stimulate healing slightly. Laughter IS the best medicine... really... ... rank G- song of power- all allied attacks hit for maximum damage. ..

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08:40, Vaigday, Kantki 20, 178 AD.

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