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So, I'm here asking what you think the top three stats of a rogue should be and WHY the order they are in. I'm trying to figure out what rogues of ShadowMUD think of what stats are more important. I think Dex is most important to a Rogue because they need to be agile and light on there feet, which also adds to there ability to sneak around quietly and hide away quickly. Next up I think should be charisma, as it is used for lying to folks and misleading them, letting you get close enough to strike their vital spots, as well as being deceptive of your motives. Thirdly, intelligence is important, because it is important for a rogue to know where to hit as well as understanding for devices, traps, locks, ect. Also, it gives knowledge and understanding of how to inflict the most damage with your weapon. This is my arguement, and I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions, remember, they count. ~Zek

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14:42, Vaigday, Denki 15, 182 AD.

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