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by Dinin

Message 79 on Rogues' Board of Fiendish Plots

Agrivated Assault (name?) Tapping into his under privillaged upbringins the rogue unleashes a series of attacks aimed at beating down the opponants defenses. 3-4 attacks. if wielding a knife or sword: bleed, and damage hits if wielding a mace, or blunt: kneebash, or box effect one attack for each weapon held, based on the weapons held. plus a blind attack, and a hamstring effect attack. Dinin suddenly closes in on Goblin warrior.... Dinnin unleashes a series off attacks! Dinnin jabs Goblin warrior in the eye making seeing quite difficult.. Dinnin slams gobin in the groin with his Knee! Goblin warrior drops an ironsword. Dinin slams a Goblin warrior in the side of the leg with his Baton. goblin falls to the ground. perhaps allowing the command to hit up to 3 targets, and spread the attacks around. just an idea I had been thinking about.

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13:11, Vaigday, Denki 15, 182 AD.

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