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Hmmm...not sure how I feal about this. Since stealing would be characteristically correct for a rogue, I kinda think that it should be something we get better at as time progresses. Also, since clerics, mages and the like are able to attack more than one opponant at a time with efficiency, an off-set to that would be the rogue's ability to steal weapons from an NPC - again, just a balance thing between classes. I have no problem if stealing doesn't always work, and depending on your level, what monsters it works's a part of the whole 'able to kill this monster' thing. For example, since a level 20 rogue really can't kill Tsfaru, he/she shouldn't be able to go in, steal the golden axe, and leave him well enough alone, just to sell the axe for $$. Icey, I have NO idea how hard this will be to code, but perhaps if stealing a weapon could always initiate combat, BUT you get a two turn delay so a rogue can still get a the first hit????I dunno - that might provide the balance needed. Meh. It's an idea.

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14:47, Vaigday, Denki 15, 182 AD.

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