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Proposed: QI Laws

by Daihsan

Message 4 on ShadowMUD LAW Docket

One of the things that I think needs to be addressed is a stance on the sharing of QI. Precrash era, the rules were very harsh and very enforced. As a coder, I know its distressing to code a really great quest only to have someone tell everyone the secrets of it. As a player, sometimes I think that there aren't enough signs on the wall about deeds and quests. Between those two viewpoints, sharing QI (or what to share or even hint at) becomes a very shady area. Thus, a proposal for a law on QI: 1.) Quests can be completely and openly talked about person-to-person (not on open chat lines), as long as both people have done the quest. 2.) Talking about the existance of a quest and/or the reward for a quest is acceptable. (ie, I learned survival from the hermit after doing a quest. - This only tells a reward and a general area for a quest, but nothing at all on how to do it.) 3.) You can be in a party to do quests (although, not entirely sure how the rewards would work), because sometimes a monster is too big a badass to do solo, or a specialized skill that you don't have is needed. However, if you have done the quest are just along for support, let the person who hasnt done the quest lead, and let them figure it out. Possible punishments: Warnings (always the best punishment), removal of the reward for the quest (including XP). Naturally, as with most laws, repeated offenses could require extra punishments.

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02:55, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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