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Proposed: Scripting Laws

by Daihsan

Message 8 on ShadowMUD LAW Docket

I believe it is well time to define an absolute law on scripting. Proposal: Scripting Laws 1) If you are not at your keyboard, in the active mud window, your character should be doing nothing. [This includes attacking monsters, gathering treasure, playing casino games or activating class abilities.] 2) Triggers and limited scripts are fine to help your character do menial tasks while you are active in the mud window and at the keyboard. [If you want to define a complex script to kill a monster 30 different ways while you are active, there shouldnt be a problem with it. But, I think there is an issue (or should be an issue) when a mudclient becomes a player here instead of a person.] Suggested punishments: Warnings for first offenses, removal of rewards from scripting are possible, continually offenses may require more stern punishments.

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07:05, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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