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by Asp

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hiya folks.. All of my story of Shadowmud meet with.. ah Fire, I left most my stuff at my sister's.. (ah sad times) Though I've been writing. The title is N8pr0X on goggle should take you to it, I use wattpad to put down what flows through the empty void between my ears. So If ya bored.. Not like reEEeally bored but just so.. please check out the stuff I wrote there. NOTE!!! NOTE DO NOT READ the Love story. It has given many people headaches.. Its bad. Asp nods & raises his hand, 'Also most the stories are unfinished.. My sister has been demanding that I get back to it.. Ah the Aspburn Chronicles is of my D & D assassin. =]

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16:06, Shadowday, Kepki 16, 180 AD.

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