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Passing Time

by Newt

Message 7 on The Critic's Board

machines moving mountains removing beautiful scenery black rain and mud, grey smoke choking out the greenery bird-song drowned by the industrial noise nature noosed so some men can be one of the boys and we allow this blight this dark night these dark knights forgoing all that's right all of our rights and Why? Why for Edison's light! the darkening of the sun shall come for everyone but when shall they see that of electricity? must the blackness of coal cover us all whole? burning of the dead for life and light! ushering in the long dark night! oil wars and industrial whores the presidents a pimp! or maybe just a gimp in servitude to a ten tiered lamp sitting high in the Prince's' lair as we unwittingly remake the air into a giant ball of black damp POW! cry, cry, cry forever. written 21 April 2006 by W R Thomas III

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13:03, Vaigday, Kortki 10, 180 AD.

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