Monument ShadowMUD

I Am Legend. Use JiMud.
If you know where to find me, you may tell me to open portals at any time.
The synatax is simple: 
tell am mportal <list>
where the list is as follows as of this writing: 
xanros: Wyrmsbane's Forge
tundra: A river's edge
serp: River bank
muskrat: An underground cavern
solas: Cliff Side
bluekey: A small room
pariah: Pariah's main dock
hyra: A master bedroom
ant: A wide balcony
bala: A black sand desert

And a special command, close, to close any currently open portal.
Happy Mportaling all.
- Am, Planeswalker. 

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Birthday: Aenterki 2, 142 AD.
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19:22, Darkday, Roki 14, 209 AD.

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