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Dusk Sylene, Too Darn Busy
Dusk has lived, fought, loved, died, created and destroyed, but now she's broken herself against the Mountain. The Mountain remains unmoved. None of her weapons have done more than chip the stone. She sits pensive at the Mountain's feet, her coldfire robes glowing steadily white-blue except where blood - her own for once - has darkened the seething material. Her dusty green and blue wings slump carelessly behind her, their veins shifting from white to grey to silver in the dim light as she puts her hands against the ground and draws resolve from the heat that burns out of her reach. So she remains, moth-winged faerie drawn to the flame.
Female faerie mage                            Level: Elder
In real life: AJ Powell                       Married to Whiplash
Birthday: Sartki 12, 31 AD.
Last on: Tue Jan  2 18:25:50 2018.
Dusk has no unread mail.
1. Show up
2. Don't break things
3. Move stupid Mountains

13:03, Vaigday, Denki 15, 182 AD.

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