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Irin the novice rogue
Irin stands up to her full five feet and two inches, having no other choice with how tightly her stays are tied. She wears what first appears to be a mourning gown of grey-over-black, but when she moves past a torch, it can be seen that the underskirts are emerald sarcenet, with a subtle pattern woven into the fabric that makes it rustle softly with her step. Over this richness is laid a cloud of esterhazy crepe, shimmering fitfully between grey and silver. Tiny crystal beads hem the overdress and the snug emerald gloves that cover her from fingertips to elbows. Her hair is a deliberate profusion of hanging curls, held back from her still face by a silver chain that cages large emeralds along its length. It is only in comparison to those emeralds that it becomes clear that her eyes are green, not black. Those eyes notice you, and she flicks open her silver-patterned fan to break the contact before she continues on her way.
Female half-elf rogue                         Level: 1
In real life: Nameless                        Single
Birthday: Praxi 13, 80 AD.
Last on: Mon Jun  1 19:53:20 2015.
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09:42, Darkday, Kepki 19, 176 AD.

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