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Myrddhin the minor priest
Myrddhin stands on all four. The studs of his studded leather thong gleam in the sun. You get the impression that he might wag his tail, if he had one. Arwen looks at him and gives him a signal. He sits down on his knees. His beard portrudes from beneath his mask. A studded leather collar is placed around his neck. A leash is attached to it, firmly hold by Arwen. He looks up at his Mistress. Arwen gets a dog bicuit from her thigh high leather boots. 'Do you want this?', She asks. Myrddhin whines. 'Speak!', she commands. 'WOOF!' 'Good boy!'. Arwen feeds Myrddhin the biscuit. You can see his pipe going up and down as he chews down the biscuit. Myrddhin begins to whine urgently now. Arwen looks down at him, slightly irritated. 'Do you need to pee?' 'WOOF!' 'Well, we'll need to find you a good tree then. But which one? Ah yes, I know. Come on boy! We have to pay the mages a visit.' Arwen pulls gently on the leash as she sets forth to the Mage Tree. Myrddhin follows, wagging his tail, if he had one.
Male gnome cleric                             Level: 9
In real life: Nameless                        Single
Birthday: Ketralki 11, 80 AD.
Last on: Fri Nov  5 03:48:38 2010.
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04:01, Lockday, Kantki 2, 176 AD.

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