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Mystica Nakaya dares.
Some people are as subtle as a baseball bat to the face. Mystica likes to think of herself as slow poison.
Female Succubus Nun of the Kilted Yaksmen     Level: Wizard
In real life: Nameless                        Married to Natasha
Birthday: Ketralki 14, 103 AD.
Last on: Sat Jun 23 00:40:33 2012.
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Project: 1) area updating and addmes
2) projects for Lox
3) area testing
4) area coding

1) cannibal mobs / items
2) kieron bay--coming soon to a water park near you!
3) fun new descriptions for stuff
4) maybe some quests or deeds
5) items on naga

00:37, Lockday, Roki 12, 176 AD.

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