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Os the priest
Agony or Ecstasy?  Even after 2000 years the rush of a kill still made me feel a good death was worth living for. I was ready to dish out anguish for a few more millenniums.  So why she came to me I'll never know.  Confused?  So was I.  The white warrior wasn't suppose to be real.  She was a fairytale.  Maybe it was time to start believeing even in fairytales.  And why not? To most I was a fairytale.  Alright, more like a nightmare.  The monster under the bed, the lurking evil you feel but can't see--that was me.  Sorry about that.
Male human monk                               Level: 7
In real life: Nameless                        Single
Birthday: Roki 17, 105 AD.
Last on: Tue Jun  7 10:21:07 2011.
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00:33, Lockday, Kortki 2, 176 AD.

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