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Ancient Paiday The Legendary Prayer [Dragon] Warrior
It is the one and only Paiday who stands before you. The first thing you notice he got FAT!
But his blood drenched skin tells you this Prayer Warrior can still bring the Pain!
Anyways if you are lucky enough to meet him and need some help, ask anytime!

Male half-elf fighter of the Dragon Warriors  Level: 100
In real life: Pai                             Single
Birthday: Sartki 15, 80 AD.
ICQ #: Pai                           Yahoo ID: Pai                        
MSN ID: Pai                          
Last on: Sun Nov 20 20:37:26 2011.
Paiday has no unread mail.

17:09, Vaigday, Praxi 15, 176 AD.

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