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Rogue Peanut
searches the realm for enlightenment. This was not always so. Delight in adventure, and misadventure, had powered Peanut forward. Through a dark, tragic past, she now starts from rock bottom. Again, she makes the climb. This time Peanut experiences moments of intense visions that show an alternate reality, with a different name, in which she creates the world around her. Until she is enlightened to where these visions come from she falls back on the only thing she knows. Deadly stealth, flexibility, and perseverance.
Female faerie rogue                           Level: 21
In real life: Nameless                        Single
Birthday: Praxi 5, 81 AD.
Last on: Fri Jan  6 18:37:41 2017.
Peanut has 1 unread piece of mail.

05:56, Flameday, Roki 13, 176 AD.

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