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He looks around and he steps foot on the dock. It's been years
since he was here last. The ships Captain, a little weasly man, 
appears suddenly at his side, 
'Where's the rest of the money?'
The man frowns and after a moment drops a small purse into the 
mans hand and starts to walk down the road, only to be stopped 
by the mans hand on his sleeve. 
'This ain't all of it. Where's the rest?', the weasly faced Captain squeeks.
The man turns and his eyes froze the Captain in place from the depths of his cloak
'This is what was promised. You wish to re-negotiate?'.
The Captain considered calling for help, but something in the mans tone made 
him think it wouldn't matter. He backed off and scrambled back onto his ship, 
his eyes never leaving the black cloaked man on the dock.
The man sighed and reseated the dagger back into it's sheath. Some things 
never change. The sounds of the city settled around him like a 
comforting blanket. So much of his life he spent here. The city seemed 
unchanged but it's spirit was different. He could feel the subtle 
differences and shook his head....he's never liked change. But still 
he smiled, it was good to be home. 

He shouldered his pack with another sigh, and started down the road. 
There was much to do, friends and family to find, tasks to complete. 
He knew where some of them were, others he would have to find again. 
The cold and dark of the morning swallowed the man as he disappeared 
into the city of Kieron.

Shadowlord has come home. 

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