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[12-04 13:00][Chat]Shidifu turns up the Batman Heavy Metal song Raise. & sings Drink! Drink!! Drink!! W A T E R!! Drink!
[12-04 13:02][Chat]Palias: Did things change on how to get the High Mortal quest, and where did the shipyard go, to have a ship created.
[12-04 13:02][Chat]Palias is lost.
[12-04 13:02][Chat]Icewolfz: the quest has remained since readded as has the location of teh shopyard
[12-04 13:02][Chat]Icewolfz: shipyard is at the docks
[12-04 13:04][Chat]Palias: Thanks, Ice.
[12-04 14:41][Chat]Naxan stretches....
[12-04 14:42][Chat]Naxan arrrrrghs.
[12-04 14:42][Chat]Naxan sips coffee.
[12-04 14:42][Chat]Morhe offers corpses of ebil things
[12-04 14:42][Chat]Naxan: Time. To. Sit behind my shield and let things die on it.
[12-04 14:42][Chat]Naxan: And occasionally fire off some arrows for flair.
[12-04 14:45][Chat]Naxan: Ice
[12-04 14:46][Chat]Naxan: Do you know why when you block a wolf it doesn't hit them with holyweapon?
[12-04 14:46][Chat]Naxan: Only mob in tundra it does that with
[12-04 14:46][Chat]Naxan: Shield blocks a hit turtling
[12-04 14:47][Chat]Morhe havent tried with my shield fiter yet.
[12-04 14:47][Chat]Naxan: Turtle is amazing... I'm not subbed in it at all either.
[12-04 14:47][Chat]Naxan: I do have a dusty ogre centurion
[12-04 14:47][Chat]Morhe wolves in tundra are Aspholes
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01:21, Vaigday, Kantki 15, 172 AD.

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