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[09-08 00:16][Chat]Icewolfz: like al those plane crash myths or donner party
[09-08 00:17][Chat]Icewolfz: elf meat is elf meat alignmetn should never have an effect on the meat it elf
[09-08 00:17][Chat]Icewolfz: your still butching an elf
[09-08 00:17][Chat]Icewolfz: so if your good you would be bad
[09-08 00:17][Chat]Icewolfz: alignmetn is a living beleaf
[09-08 00:17][Chat]Rasputin: I just wanted a logical agreement and i get this philosophical argument that basically makes me a seal clubber if I disagree
[09-08 00:17][Chat]Icewolfz: elf is elf no matter how you look at it
[09-08 00:17][Chat]Icewolfz: no i am just saying alignment does not matter to th edead
[09-08 00:18][Chat]Icewolfz: humaniod meat is humaniod meat no matter how you look at it
[09-08 00:18][Chat]Icewolfz: and 'good' alignmenet feel bad when butchering it
[09-08 00:18][Chat]Icewolfz: least that is how hte system is designed
[09-08 00:18][Chat]Icewolfz: whic is why we alos have alterivtve ways ot get food
[09-08 00:20][Chat]Icewolfz: overall chaing it iwl lprbaly open pa debat on canibalism
[09-08 00:20][Chat]Icewolfz: of good elf eatting bad elf
[09-08 00:20][Chat]Icewolfz: so it iwl lremaing as eatting na ything 'humaniod' will be evil
[09-08 00:21][Chat]Icewolfz: plus adding a system to that is not ovler easy as it requries lots of recoding of core systems
[09-08 00:23][Chat]Rasputin: thanks for basically agreeing that its off but then for providing a sound reasoning of why.
[09-08 00:24][Chat]Icewolfz: would you eat a human cannibal?
[09-08 00:24][Chat]Icewolfz: ovearll aligment comes downot beleafs and all that stuff
[09-08 00:24][Chat]Rasputin: I'm not catholic. :) if I was hungry enough
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15:39, Flameday, Kantki 3, 171 AD.

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