Monument ShadowMUD


[06-08 19:59][Chat]Dinin: noob insception.
[06-08 19:59][Chat]Rogre: Noobception!
[06-08 20:00][Chat]Dinin: we all have an inner noob, but only some of us have a noob within a noob!
[06-08 20:00][Chat]Rogre: Dingoes Ingest Ninos, I-I-I Ninos!
[06-08 20:00][Chat]Dinin: man i always come into the room after the drugs are taken.
[06-08 20:01][Chat]Starfox chuckles.
[06-08 20:02][Chat]Dinin: i got a bad hair cut today....but i think its going to
[06-08 20:07][Chat]Starfox watches Stryder stride in with StrySwag.
[06-08 20:07][Chat]Stryder grins.
[06-08 20:07][Chat]Starfox also murders Nemoal and cooks his meat.
[06-08 20:46][Chat]Dinin sits at the end of a dark tunnel, reading a treasure map and poking around with a shovel.
[06-08 20:56][Chat]Suddenly something grabs Dinin and pulls him to his doom!
[06-08 20:56][Chat]Dinin: just about lol
[06-08 21:13][Chat]Rogre: Hola RT
[06-08 21:14][Chat]Rasputin: hola Rogre
[06-08 21:34][Chat]Rasputin: Icey - thanks for fixing all the multi char issues in jimud
[06-08 21:34][Chat]Icewolfz: the manager still has some bugs i have fixed
[06-08 21:34][Chat]Rasputin: now you can get back things like client save moving focus not back to the input
[06-08 21:34][Chat]Icewolfz: mostly with copy/rename
[06-08 21:35][Chat]Icewolfz: proabaly catn fix that
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18:07, Darkday, Roki 4, 170 AD.

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