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[05-21 15:26][Chat]Aim: hmm. there's no help for the 'last' command.
[05-21 15:26][Chat]Icewolfz: help channels
[05-21 15:28][Chat]Icewolfz: help last now redirects to channel
[05-21 15:28][Chat]Am: bah, that's not terribly helpful about how to use the last command..but it did lead me to the gag command, sadly, you can't put a gag on other people in game.
[05-21 15:28][Chat]Icewolfz: as does help line
[05-21 15:28][Chat]Icewolfz: To review the past several message on a line, type <last [channel name]>.
[05-21 15:29][Chat]Icewolfz: thats pretty much all you need ot know about last
[05-21 15:29][Chat]Am: true
[05-21 15:29][Chat]Am: never noticed before
[05-21 15:29][Chat]Icewolfz: its at the end about 3 lines about the see also
[05-21 15:29][Chat]Icewolfz: in bold
[05-21 15:29][Chat]Am: was looking for a last <line> clear option.
[05-21 15:29][Chat]Icewolfz: cant clear
[05-21 15:30][Chat]Icewolfz: lines are global
[05-21 15:30][Chat]Am: what about tell ?
[05-21 15:30][Chat]Icewolfz: tells are saved person
[05-21 15:30][Chat]Dinin's ears begin to twitch.
[05-21 15:30][Chat]Icewolfz: no built in way to clear those
[05-21 15:30][Chat]Icewolfz: but say/tell last is clearable if need be
[05-21 15:30][Chat]Icewolfz: as they are saved in the user object
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03:21, Darkday, Kepki 19, 169 AD.

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