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[05-02 20:54][Chat]Nova: right
[05-02 20:55][Chat]Aim: my company sells ~400k of their software a year and pays abot $10k to be partner plus tests, and training costs.
[05-02 20:55][Chat]Aim: we get the same wipro support as everyone else.
[05-02 20:55][Chat]Aim: I asked what it would take to get Redmond support. they said another 1000 headcount and $500,000.
[05-02 20:57][Chat]Nova: thats why i loved doing support for DOD. I got english speaking support from both MS and Dell
[05-02 20:57][Chat]Nova: only thing that beats that is not doing support anymore
[05-02 21:07][Chat]Aim: we used to get US or Canadian support until about 4 years ago. Then we got too small for that.
[05-02 21:09][Chat]Aim: its ok if you get N. India or Pakistan support. But I just can't make out the southern Indian accent. They actually usually solve issues faster, but I have to use email or chat to communicate, so the setup to get support takes days instead of a few minutes.
[05-02 21:11][Chat]Aim: and I attribute getting Pakistan accent over scratchy phone lines directly the the character they are removing from Simpsons.
[05-02 21:11][Chat]Aim: I can't believe they have to kill Apu to satisfy people.
[05-02 21:12][Chat]Nova: What?!?
[05-02 21:12][Chat]Aim: yup. Hank Azaria has been forced to write Apu out. no more slushy for you
[05-02 21:13][Chat]Nova: forced? by who? I need names, addresses, and next of kin
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08:59, Lockday, Roki 17, 169 AD.

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