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[06-03 20:11][Chat]Starfox warps Rogre to Ente Isla!
[06-03 20:19][Chat]Starfox has a cipher for you non-intellectual types! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
[06-03 20:19][Chat]Rogre bonks Starfox on the head ahead of time.
[06-03 20:19][Chat]Starfox: Tata, iyefoqwb jtaqq juwwek a xeaht ah hte tanxj ow tenhai!
[06-03 20:19][Chat]Starfox parries!
[06-03 20:20][Chat]Rogre: ciphers aren't my bag, baby, yeah!
[06-03 20:20][Chat]Starfox chuckles. It's not really a cipher, but have fuuuuuuuun.
[06-03 20:21][Chat]Rogre: I think a is a
[06-03 20:21][Chat]Rogre: and that's all I have to say...about that.
[06-03 20:22][Chat]Starfox: If it makes you feel better, only the consonants are shifted.
[06-03 20:23][Chat]Starfox goes easy on them Ogre braincells
[06-03 20:23][Chat]Rogre don't care.
[06-03 20:24][Chat]Starfox beats Rogre until he cares.
[06-03 20:28][Chat]Starfox accuses Nova of being the demon general Lucifer.
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18:34, Darkday, Roki 4, 170 AD.

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