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[11-08 17:56][Chat]Icewolfz: but overall think thats all in the state here
[11-08 17:56][Chat]Brutus: all the other smaller DSL and cable providers - all use those backbones and can't undercut them because they aren't allowed by regulators to put one foot of their own fiber in the ground or on poles.
[11-08 17:57][Chat]Icewolfz: most of the selctiosn are only major cities
[11-08 17:57][Chat]Icewolfz: outside of them maybe 1 or 2 selections top
[11-08 17:57][Chat]Icewolfz: the poles law i thin kwas redone here in texas recently
[11-08 17:57][Chat]Brutus: so there's this decent DSL company in Madison, now using DOCSIS3 borrowed from cable modems to push DSL up to 40-50 mpbs.
[11-08 17:58][Chat]Icewolfz: DSL is not bad if your in the 1 mile range
[11-08 17:58][Chat]Icewolfz: afte r1 mil DSL declines fast
[11-08 17:58][Chat]Brutus: I call them up and ask for it, they say, oh, ATT blocked us there because Spectrum is in that market and ATT and them are enough competition.
[11-08 17:58][Chat]Icewolfz: granted it has improved the nwhat it use to be
[11-08 17:59][Chat]Icewolfz: yeah a lot of places have lock in laws
[11-08 17:59][Chat]Brutus: Even if they did allow it, to get it hooked up, guess what? the ATT truck would show up.
[11-08 17:59][Chat]Icewolfz: i know some palces sued because of that
[11-08 17:59][Chat]Icewolfz: a lot of isp get cities to pass laws so only they cna do stuff
[11-08 18:00][Chat]Brutus: our business that I work for, not far from my house (~15 miles) has the following. 200 MB fiber to internet via TW dedicated services. 50 MB fiber mpls to the corporate via ATT and 50 fiber MB mpls 2nd circuit via level 3, and 4 100x10 cable modems.
[11-08 18:01][Chat]Brutus: the level 3 connection - yeah, that's TWC dedicated.
[11-08 18:01][Chat]Brutus: the cable modems, also TWC/Spectrum business.
[11-08 18:02][Chat]Brutus: unlike Centurylink, spectrums peeps were smart enough to realize their charter backbones were fucked compared to TWC's so they left the dedicated fiber company alone.
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09:47, Flameday, Kantki 18, 165 AD.

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