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[03-07 23:20][Cleric]Sorrow: True, but it is still enjoyable.
[03-07 23:23][Cleric]Sothis: yeah i like how one can level at a crazy pace now, comparatively speaking
[03-07 23:27][Cleric]Sorrow: or slow and steady and not feel left behind by your college buddies haha.
[03-07 23:28][Cleric]Sorrow: hehe
[03-07 23:34][Cleric]Sothis: i hear ya... Scotty there has at least 3 characters bigger than me. i have this and a L12 :P
[03-07 23:35][Cleric]Scotty: when you work at home though hehe
[03-07 23:35][Cleric]Scotty: i have plenty of time to be idle fighting stuff while coding away on websites hehe
[03-07 23:35][Cleric]Scotty: not to mention once you get your own quicken and strikes it's like... easy
[03-07 23:36][Cleric]Scotty: even using city cleric/mages it's do-able with some walking easily XD
[03-07 23:58][Cleric]Sorrow: yeah quicken helps a lot. bit expensive at the drive-thru but very beneficial.
[03-08 15:54][Cleric]NEWS: Sorrow is now level 14.
[03-08 19:14][Cleric]Sorrow: how much stuff will fit in a small bank locker? like a pack worth?
[03-08 22:07][Cleric]NEWS: Sothis is now level 52.
[03-09 10:45][Cleric]NEWS: Sorrow is now level 15.
[03-09 10:45][Cleric]Sorrow: Whooooooooooty Whooooooooooooooooo!
[03-09 12:59][Cleric]Sorrow: Decapitation! Flawless Victory!
[03-09 13:04][Cleric]Sorrow: Decapitation! Flawless Victory!
[03-09 14:00][Cleric]Sorrow: Decapitation! Flawless Victory!
[03-09 14:02][Cleric]Sorrow: Decapitation! Flawless Victory!
[03-09 14:54][Cleric]NEWS: Sorrow is now level 16.
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09:14, Lockday, Kortki 7, 170 AD.

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