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[03-31 20:07][Cleric]Recluse: congrats on 98 Sothis!
[03-31 20:07][Cleric]Sothis chips away
[03-31 20:08][Cleric]Recluse: tundra hacking ?
[03-31 20:08][Cleric]Sothis: nope, lazier, just occasional big kills here and there
[03-31 20:08][Cleric]Recluse: so...cannibal is empty :)
[03-31 20:09][Cleric]Sothis wipes his feet on Raye, good riddance
[03-31 20:09][Cleric]Recluse: lol
[03-31 20:09][Cleric]Recluse: going to make 100 tonight ?
[03-31 20:09][Cleric]Sothis: no
[03-31 20:10][Cleric]Recluse: ok. you really should consider tundra hacking :)
[03-31 20:10][Cleric]Sothis: hacking?
[03-31 20:10][Cleric]Recluse: I made 96-100 in an evening, just hacking, not even offering or anything :)
[03-31 20:11][Cleric]Recluse: I do have that halberd to give back to you.
[03-31 20:11][Cleric]Sothis: keep it
[03-31 20:11][Cleric]Sothis: i have too many weapons as it is
[03-31 20:12][Cleric]Recluse: lol. I was going to learn the pattern and make a better one with flawless adamantium with as much wieght as possible.
[03-31 20:12][Cleric]Recluse: I still want to learn how to use miscellaneous weapons and max that :)
[03-31 20:13][Cleric]Sothis: i have all of mine at or near max. there aren't any good miscellaneous weapons though
[03-31 20:13][Cleric]Recluse: there will be :)
[03-31 20:14][Cleric]Sothis: i have one or two about as strong as they come and they're still weak
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16:09, Flameday, Kortki 13, 175 AD.

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