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[06-15 15:25][Cleric]Lilo smiles
[06-15 15:25][Cleric]Nova nod
[06-15 15:25][Cleric]Nova nods
[06-15 15:25][Cleric]Lilo: Wonderful. Thank you.
[06-15 15:25][Cleric]Nova: glad to help
[06-15 15:25][Cleric]Lilo: I need to go, baby's awake.
[06-16 15:58][Cleric]NEWS: Lilo is now level 2.
[06-16 16:23][Cleric]Lilo: How do i seek assistance from the high preist?
[06-16 20:58][Cleric]NEWS: Lilo is now level 3.
[06-16 21:46][Cleric]NEWS: Lilo is now level 4.
[06-16 21:46][Cleric]NEWS: Lilo is now level 5.
[06-17 21:58][Cleric]NEWS: Stitch has joined the clerics.
[06-17 22:03][Cleric]NEWS: Stitch is now level 2.
[06-17 22:04][Cleric]Fallstaff: Congrats!
[06-17 22:05][Cleric]Stitch: Thanks.
[06-17 22:08][Cleric]Icewolfz: newbie on the rise!
[06-17 22:08][Cleric]Kobol: we love those :0
[06-17 22:08][Cleric]Stitch: I'm so happy I finally found out how to raise my stats.
[06-17 22:09][Cleric]Stitch: Was driving me nuts,
[06-17 22:09][Cleric]Stitch: I really do feel dumber than a box of rocks sometimes.
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19:05, Flameday, Altki 8, 179 AD.

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