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[06-08 21:08][Cleric]Icewolfz: you drank it?
[06-15 15:19][Cleric]NEWS: Lilo has joined the clerics.
[06-15 15:20][Cleric]Lilo: So titles...what's that about?
[06-15 15:21][Cleric]Nova: welcome friend
[06-15 15:21][Cleric]Lilo: Hello Nova
[06-15 15:21][Cleric]Nova: titles are what you see after someones name
[06-15 15:21][Cleric]Lilo: Can you help me? I don't understand titles.
[06-15 15:22][Cleric]Lilo: DO you have to be a certian level to use them
[06-15 15:22][Cleric]Nova: you get stock class level titles until level 20
[06-15 15:22][Cleric]Nova: your title at the moment is 'the novice cleric'
[06-15 15:22][Cleric]Lilo: So I have to wait till level 20 to use them?
[06-15 15:23][Cleric]Lilo: Okay. another question if you don't mind
[06-15 15:23][Cleric]Nova: it will automatically change every level or 2 until 19
[06-15 15:23][Cleric]Nova: then at 20 you can make up your own
[06-15 15:23][Cleric]Nova: go ahead
[06-15 15:23][Cleric]Lilo: How do I nod, smile, laugh, etc... on a chat line like here?
[06-15 15:24][Cleric]Nova: emote like this?
[06-15 15:24][Cleric]Nova: easiest way is to put a : at the end of the line name
[06-15 15:24][Cleric]Lilo: Emote, yes, that's what I mean.
[06-15 15:25][Cleric]Nova: like this 'cleric: nod'
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00:57, Darkday, Altki 9, 179 AD.

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