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[03-31 20:14][Cleric]Sothis: no, i only make useful weapons :) and even then only rarely
[03-31 20:15][Cleric]Recluse: after I have some fun with my alts I will really get into crafting
[03-31 20:16][Cleric]Sothis: there's not really anything i need so i don't do much crafting even though i can
[03-31 21:34][Cleric]NEWS: Sothis is now level 99.
[03-31 21:35][Cleric]Icewolfz: you get at least rank L now
[03-31 21:36][Cleric]Sothis: i do?
[03-31 21:36][Cleric]Icewolfz: yehan rank l are 495
[03-31 21:36][Cleric]Sothis: wacky
[03-31 21:36][Cleric]Icewolfz: worked th sam eprecarsh you got the last rank at 49
[03-31 21:37][Cleric]Icewolfz: beleave ti wa tha tway to offe ra little room to 'learn' plus legned use o require things ot get
[04-02 21:16][Cleric]NEWS: Sothis is now level 100.
[04-02 21:16][Cleric]Recluse: Woot!
[04-03 22:46][Cleric]Nova: sothis, are you awake?
[04-05 07:55][Cleric]NEWS: Nova is now level 100.
[04-06 07:17][Cleric]NEWS: Nova is now level 100.
[04-07 21:47][Cleric]Recluse: I have 6 million xp to spend :/
[04-07 21:48][Cleric]Recluse: and 58 cap points to spend. not sure what the best course is.
[04-07 22:00][Cleric]Sothis: definitely training riding
[04-09 07:43][Cleric]NEWS: Optimus has joined the clerics.
[04-09 07:43][Cleric]NEWS: Optimus is now level 2.
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07:02, Shadowday, Praxi 6, 179 AD.

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