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[01-04 10:24][Cleric]Thortol: Since talisman is only for HM's
[01-04 10:24][Cleric]Palias: Gotcha.
[01-04 10:25][Cleric]Palias: Might I ask a question about Oz?
[01-04 10:25][Cleric]Thortol: If you want to explore SE tundra, be my guest..otherwhise wait for kill to log enter on
[01-04 10:25][Cleric]Thortol: Not sure if i know it, but sure
[01-04 10:25][Cleric]Thortol: BTW Kragg is a lesser as hard as the other dragons.
[01-04 10:26][Cleric]Thortol: He can be nasty if hit.. so avoid everything and run E then S to dodge
[01-04 10:26][Cleric]Palias: Do you know how to go down, how you find the entrance into the lower part? I think there is a clearing there with obelisks, and when I went there the first time there was a 'Down' option, but it went away.
[01-04 10:26][Cleric]Palias: Thank you.
[01-04 10:26][Cleric]Thortol: Not sure..last time I solo'd that stuff was in 2k3 or something
[01-04 10:26][Cleric]Thortol: Otherwise I've been with someone
[01-04 10:27][Cleric]Palias: All right, thanks. I'll explore Tundra later.
[01-04 10:27][Cleric]Palias: Thanks for all the info. Take it easy.
[01-04 11:02][Cleric]NEWS: Thortol is now level 69.
[01-04 12:54][Cleric]NEWS: Thortol is now level 70.
[01-04 12:56][Cleric]Carbon: <Edorin's Light> Congrats big brother
[01-04 12:57][Cleric]Thortol: Thanks
[01-04 13:26][Cleric]NEWS: Carbon is now level 56.
[01-04 13:50][Cleric]NEWS: Carbon is now level 57.
[01-04 14:21][Cleric]Thortol: Hey Ice...
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01:10, Vaigday, Aenterki 10, 205 AD.

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