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[06-13 15:28][Fighter]Icewolfz: wher yo basicly trap them in a 'ball' of that elemental
[06-13 15:28][Fighter]Icewolfz: eg ball fo water you drown
[06-13 15:28][Fighter]Darwyn: or maybelightning hit other stuff in the room, even if you used a single target attack, like a chain lightning effect
[06-13 15:28][Fighter]Icewolfz: ball of fire you brun til it is over
[06-13 15:28][Fighter]Icewolfz: sorta like teh water prison from anruto in the first few shows
[06-13 15:29][Fighter]Icewolfz: beleave cleirs might havea chain lighting
[06-13 15:29][Fighter]Icewolfz: but i cant mremeebr if it is a true 'chain' or just hits randomly in the room
[06-13 15:29][Fighter]Icewolfz: oveall ic an make any thing work just dends on time
[06-13 15:29][Fighter]Darwyn: i meant as a weapon strike, if i had the lightningstrike, i could hit one guy with my sword and lightning damage would hit everything in the room
[06-13 15:29][Fighter]Icewolfz: hmm not sure on that oen might be to strong
[06-13 15:30][Fighter]Darwyn: not for a lot, but you know it would make choosing a strike a bit more interesting
[06-13 15:30][Fighter]Icewolfz: main issue strikes only have access to only so much data
[06-13 15:30][Fighter]Darwyn: your sword hits for like 100 damage and everything else take 10
[06-13 15:30][Fighter]Icewolfz: they are built into the hit system
[06-13 15:30][Fighter]Icewolfz: meanign they only trigger when hit and onyl get the info releated to tat hit
[06-13 15:30][Fighter]Icewolfz: graned ther are some tricks ot get more info
[06-13 15:30][Fighter]Darwyn: thats why i asked :), rooms items i know well, abilities/spell coding i dont
[06-13 15:31][Fighter]Icewolfz: there are some docs on dev about abilies
[06-13 15:31][Fighter]Icewolfz: function list and basic summeries
[06-13 15:31][Fighter]Icewolfz: basicly can do really enything
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02:54, Shadowday, Kantki 11, 171 AD.

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