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[11-20 11:19][Fighter]Valhal: forgot about them.
[11-20 11:19][Fighter]Shador: huh?
[11-20 11:19][Fighter]Valhal: on an island
[11-20 11:22][Fighter]Shador: archery 80, double wielding 48 with just marksman subclass
[11-20 11:23][Fighter]Shador: so 3 per level if just subclass
[11-20 11:23][Fighter]Valhal: sounds right
[11-20 11:38][Fighter]Shador: only way to increase attack per round by quicken? Or if have dexterity high enough, get extra attack?
[11-20 11:38][Fighter]Valhal: lighter weapons give you more attacks
[11-20 11:39][Fighter]Valhal: but quicken is what really does it
[11-20 12:04][Fighter]Shador: ok thanks
[11-20 12:04][Fighter]Shador: sorry afk lot today heh
[11-20 12:05][Fighter]Valhal: np :)
[11-20 12:23][Fighter]NEWS: Shador is now journeymaned in Warrior!
[11-20 12:23][Fighter]Valhal: woo!
[11-20 12:23][Fighter]Shador: :)
[11-20 12:30][Fighter]Shador: would be awesome if high missile + archery = extra attack with bow, like doubleshot will hit 3 times etc heh
[11-20 12:34][Fighter]Shador: quicken give so much boost that almost no point to use bow heh
[11-20 12:36][Fighter]Icewolfz: then it would not be doubles but triple ;)
[11-20 12:37][Fighter]Shador: yeah but it is passive so extra benefit on top of it
[11-20 12:38][Fighter]Icewolfz: think some of hte other attacks do thats os not much of a worri
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14:02, Flameday, Kantki 3, 171 AD.

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