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[12-19 15:03][Mage]Icewolfz: and more then likly at new bie that gave you a 0 throw or something
[12-19 15:03][Mage]Icewolfz: or eve na 0.5
[12-19 15:04][Mage]Icewolfz: er -
[12-19 15:45][Mage]Izzard ponders specializing.
[12-19 19:06][Mage]NEWS: Griphook is now level 8.
[12-19 19:17][Mage]NEWS: Izzard is now a Planeswalker!
[12-19 19:18][Mage]Griphook: nice pick
[12-19 19:19][Mage]NEWS: Izzard is now journeymaned in Conjuror!
[12-19 19:20][Mage]NEWS: Izzard is now journeymaned in Elementalist!
[12-19 19:21][Mage]Griphook: you've done exactly what I planned to do
[12-19 19:21][Mage]Izzard: seemed like the most useful to other people combo XD
[12-19 20:03][Mage]NEWS: Griphook is now level 9.
[12-19 20:13][Mage]NEWS: Griphook is now level 10.
[12-19 20:13][Mage]Izzard: woo
[12-19 20:14][Mage]Griphook: time to subclass!
[12-19 20:14][Mage]Griphook: and learn spells!
[12-19 20:15][Mage]NEWS: Griphook is now a Planeswalker!
[12-19 20:18][Mage]Izzard: at level 10, everyones a horrible mage...
[12-19 20:19][Mage]Griphook: my stats cost 4 to 6 per point
[12-19 20:44][Mage]NEWS: Griphook is now journeymaned in Elementalist!
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00:42, Darkday, Altki 9, 179 AD.

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