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[06-30 23:50][Mage]Icewolfz: right now i am testing new updates for core systems to posisble fix a crashing bug
[06-30 23:51][Mage]Icewolfz: if anyting it fixes ome other issues that didnt come up in command design
[06-30 23:51][Mage]Freg: ah, if you need to find bugs, I've got a gift for that. There was a time they reworked the crash room in my honor. That was right after I broke deathball and escaped with the actual ball
[06-30 23:52][Mage]Icewolfz: well currentcrasher i cant reproduce but it is hte 2nd time it has hapepn and the logs look pretty simialr
[06-30 23:52][Mage]Icewolfz: so ia m assuming itas bug in the action system
[06-30 23:52][Mage]Icewolfz: and it causing eval time otus
[06-30 23:52][Mage]Freg: well, if it can be broke, i bet i can find it
[06-30 23:54][Mage]Icewolfz: my guess is to many action is doign to many things
[06-30 23:54][Mage]Icewolfz: and it is casching the heart eat to break and then a cascade failure
[06-30 23:54][Mage]Icewolfz: so i recoded it and testingo n dev now
[06-30 23:54][Mage]Icewolfz: i basicly broke out the code int oa a fake asyc
[06-30 23:54][Mage]Icewolfz: so each action will run in its own eval block
[06-30 23:54][Mage]Icewolfz: granetd timaing wont be 100% perfect
[06-30 23:54][Mage]Icewolfz: but it better hten break the mud
[06-30 23:55][Mage]Icewolfz: i basically make aeach aciton into a call out which should caus them to execute at he end of the block
[06-30 23:55][Mage]Freg: ah, we are over my head at this point. i worked a little over at cheeseworld, but i had hecubus tearing out his hair chasing my bugs
[06-30 23:55][Mage]Icewolfz: yeah core tends to get most people going wth
[06-30 23:55][Mage]Icewolfz: garnaetd i have created some nice editors for builders
[06-30 23:55][Mage]Icewolfz: some day i wll get my arae designer done
[06-30 23:55][Mage]Icewolfz: then player cna load the designer wbe site and build an entire area with no coding needed
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17:31, Flameday, Praxi 18, 171 AD.

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