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[06-01 16:18][Mage]Enter: Good job, tho! It's your job to get em ready for what's next and I think you did excellent. :)
[06-01 16:18][Mage]Freaknoir: Thanks :)
[06-01 16:59][Mage]Enter: Freaky! You has portals!!!
[06-01 16:59][Mage]Freaknoir: I does!
[06-01 17:01][Mage]Freaknoir: so far I marked tundra, syfvaren, mines, and pariah
[06-01 17:01][Mage]Enter: you should lemme show ya the best place to mark :D
[06-01 17:01][Mage]Freaknoir: where's that?
[06-02 17:37][Mage]NEWS: Sadiki is now level 4.
[06-02 18:22][Mage]NEWS: Sadiki is now level 5.
[06-02 19:53][Mage]Mordin: sadiki where are you ?
[06-02 20:23][Mage]Mordin: where are you
[06-03 07:17][Mage]NEWS: Azeritsche is now level 14.
[06-03 16:53][Mage]NEWS: Enter is now level 77.
[06-03 17:54][Mage]NEWS: Sadiki is now level 5.
[06-03 21:04][Mage]NEWS: Enter is now level 78.
[06-04 12:11][Mage]NEWS: Aiwe is now level 14.
[06-07 12:24][Mage]NEWS: Aiwe is now level 15.
[06-08 10:56][Mage]Leaf: Icey, is there anyway to remove strikes from your weapons?
[06-08 11:09][Mage]Icewolfz: logout or lockering in bank
[06-08 11:10][Mage]Icewolfz: lockering is a cheating way sorta
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15:39, Shadowday, Praxi 11, 171 AD.

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