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[10-13 20:07][Mage]Icewolfz: so player mages are better once high enough but when no mage is around
[10-13 20:07][Mage]Icewolfz: dont remember het cost off hand but they arnt overly cheap
[10-14 09:09][Mage]NEWS: Turloughan is now level 3.
[10-14 09:09][Mage]Turloughan: ... again
[10-14 09:52][Mage]NEWS: Turloughan is now level 4.
[10-14 10:13][Mage]NEWS: Turloughan is now level 5.
[10-14 11:24][Mage]NEWS: Rhexx is now level 31.
[10-14 11:24][Mage]Turloughan: congrat
[10-14 11:24][Mage]Rhexx: Thanks
[10-14 11:30][Mage]Tkhar: You need another buffer T
[10-14 12:59][Mage]NEWS: Rhexx is now level 32.
[10-14 13:20][Mage]NEWS: Rhexx is now level 33.
[10-14 15:23][Mage]NEWS: Myrth has joined the mages.
[10-14 15:46][Mage]NEWS: Myrth is now level 2.
[10-14 19:13][Mage]Turloughan: can anyone remind me what level is good enough to go into the daemon area? i remmeber geting a ton of XP there in old SM but is level 5 too low?
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02:22, Flameday, Denki 8, 195 AD.

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